Props / Rental


For decorative purposes you are looking for exceptional pieces from nature?



Whether iridescent insects, magnificent birds or large mammals - we give our products for events, exhibitions, film and photo shoots.
We also meet special needs and customize to your specifications.
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Before brewing Mietobjekts a deposit of 100, - € to pay. The rental fee is due at the time of hire. The lease term refers to a 24-hour day, from when the product leaves our store. For damaged goods we provide in addition to the regular individual price rental price. The cost of delivery and collection are extra and are payable by the tenant.

Price list:

1 day 10 % of the unit price. € 30
2 days 15% of the unit price. € 35
3 Day 20% of the unit price . €40
4 Day  25% of the unit price . €45
5 Day  30% of the unit price.  €50
6 Day  35% of the unit price . €55
1 Week 40% of the unit price. €60
1 Mothet 50% of the unit price. €200

The rental properties with all the components remain the property of the Wildhagen GbR.