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Inspired by the exotic of distant lands…


For many years, beats the heart of Wildhagen for nature and animal history of the Earth and its unique charm and beauty. With great enthusiasm, we sell exceptional pieces from natures that are normally only seen in museums.  These include butterflies, beetles, skeletons, shells, stuffed animals and botanical prints and bizarre accessories. We combine items with imaginative design and offer it under a glass cover, in different context and different backgrounds.
Our products are mostly manufactured in our workshop or from biological collections. In our shop in Hamburg´s Neustadt are among other large mammals, birds and insects magnificent display cases that are as beautiful as amazing!




We always look forward to customized orders and we also offer our products for rent for photo, film and television.




Here we offer you glass covers and objects boxes in different sizes and depths. The corresponding frame and the background colours / motifs are also selectable.

Bring your ideas to us and together we will make your perfect product. You can select from a variety of butterflies, beetles, mussels and other species, assemble them according to your wishes. We also use many different materials from nature, like backgrounds for dioramas and a whole landscape.



Besides natural enthusiastic individuals include museums, universities, interior decorators and photographers to our clientele. Schools and kindergartens use our products as a valuable aid and educational materials, and children are very excited about our shop- a small “oasis” of wonder and inspiration to the imagination.


Under the brand Zirafa design we create additional bags and fashion accessories that are also inspired by the exotic of distant lands. Classic shapes, finest leather in bright colours and carefully selected furnishing fabrics characterize this all models. The trick: you get the matching belt to the bag!


We work on the basis of the CITES Convention (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, short: CITES). This international agreement which regulates trade in wild fauna and flora species and the products produced from them and makes the import and export under strict control. We do not sell varieties that are endangered or protected and also offer no rate varieties for collectors. Our aim is to bring the beauty of nature interested people closer-in the form of design objects and as a visual aid for schools and museums.



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We also arrange appointments outside of shop time to discuss your requirements. You can reach us with email or call us.

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Tuesday to Friday: 10.30AM - 3.30PM Other dates we are happy to arrange appointment!